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Bound by Time- the Series

Time travel is an exciting idea for anyone who has an imagination. But what might happen in this day or computers powerful enough to do … well almost anything? That is exactly how this series came into existence. While there were people who were aware of extraordinary happenings at points in time, I am perhaps one of the very few living persons with whom the truth behind the scenes has been shared. And my source is unimpeachable. You see, my source is the source himself. I have known Seth Watson since his birth some decade ago. However it is the much older Seth who visits occasionally just to share a tale or two with me. It is important to note that every story in this series shares some basic ingredients. Each is created from the same starting point which is in 2022. Each trip back is from that time and to some date previous to Seth’s birthday which was in 1998. You see, Seth, is twenty-four years old when the stories start. As part of his protection mechanism, he decided there was only one firm rule. He would always go back to before 1998, since he can’t possibly encounter himself then.

Other erotic fiction from

Heart of Valentine

Snow Angel
by Valentine Adams and Eden T. Chase

 After a bestselling first novel, Valentine Adams and Eden Chase have teamed up again and this time the story is hot, smart and ready for primetime.

Madeline, a twenty-something is trained pastry chef from the southeast who has started anew. She has taken a job in the library of August Halsted College in Halsted’s Ferry, NY. Recently divorced from an abusive husband, she figured it was time for a life change. Little did she realize just how much of a change she had in store … |

The most remarkable and revealing thing would not be what he said but the way he said it, in absolutely perfect, unaccented English.

“But you must understand that I can only share some of this with you. I am bound by an oath. I am Dmitri Vavilov and I grew up in Odesa in the Ukraine and I am here to steal several paintings from the Worthington Gallery. I cannot allow anyone to be able to trace my whereabouts. I needed a place to stay, a safe house if you will. I saw you and … I could see lonely written all over … And you were so pretty. I wanted to meet you.”


The Blue Leaf Academy
Submissives in Training

The following is an excerpt from the promotional brochure offered by the Academy: |
The Blue Leaf Academy founded in 1890 has but one purpose, that of catering to very wealthy male clients. The Academy serves as a finishing school designed to train young women, of less than perfect background and with poor prospects, to become the proper companions for well-to-do and discriminating gentlemen. There is also the occasional child of formerly well to do parents who have fallen on hard times.

Classes are made up for carefully selected candidates between the ages of 18 and 26 although most selected candidates are between 21 and 26 with the occasional exception at the lower end of the age spectrum. There are rare exceptions to the maximum age limitation, but only for the truly exceptional candidate.

Given the nature of study at Blue Leaf, one would think there might be great difficulty in having an adequate number of students who are willing to, as it were, give up their freedom, equal rights, status as equal to men in order to be enrolled in a program which was created by and for the ultimate in male chauvinism. What with liberation of the female of the species, it would probably be assumed that there would be no more girls who were interested in becoming "kept women" in the Victorian sense, but the experience of the Academy suggest quite the opposite as being the true case. There is a waiting list of potential candidates and the client list is three years long at present.



The Black Silk Inn Series 

She has everything any young woman thinks she wants. She is pretty, petite, popular, and her career as a country singer/songwriter is booming. But GG wants more. It isn’t greed or dissatisfaction. She just wants a normal life with a boyfriend who cares for her because of who she is, not what she is. And she wants freedom from the constantly planned and controlled life that has become her world. So one day when she has simply had enough, she slips away, buys a car and escapes into the Kentucky countryside. And the first normal thing that happens to her is running out of gas. She has never had to worry about that sort of thing before and it simply didn’t occur to her. But along comes a knight on a white charger, okay, a country boy in a pick-up truck. He offers to take her to get gas … or to take her away from all her troubles by kidnapping her and taking her to a deserted country inn on the lake. What follows is anything but normal. And yet, it is exactly what Giselle Gibson has most desired.

Valentine Adams, best-selling author once again explores the inner most desires that satisfy us … behind closed doors.